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more issues that need attention and how to help

a compilation of petitions, three click emails to send and donation links that don't correlate with other pages that will only take a second to sign but can make a big impact.

columbia protests

"President Iván Duque of Colombia said he would withdraw a plan to overhaul the tax system to plug a fiscal shortfall caused by the pandemic after at least 17 people were killed and hundreds injured in protests against his plan"
These protests have left a lot of people hurt, and many have gone missing. Below is a petition to sign, however the most important thing is awareness.
Please visit the article below to learn more, or visit the Instagram page: @laorejarojaus

banning LGBT Conversion Therapy in the uk

"'Government of the people by the people for the people'. If this is still true, [we] urge the government to make the lives of LGBT youths that little bit better in 2021 by banning all forms of GCT. By banning this abhorrent practice, we can lead globally in terms of LGBT rights & Mental Health wellness"

reject The Philippines "anti-terrorism bill 

On 3 July 2020, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte signed into law the “Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020”, which replaces the Human Security Act of 2007. Amnesty International has called on the Philippine government to rejectthis legislation that contains dangerous provisions and risks further undermining human rights in the country.

decriminalise prostitution

Decriminalisation of sex work – on the street and in premises – as in New Zealand. The laws land us in prison, divide us from families and friends, make us vulnerable to violence, isolate us. Criminal records trap us in prostitution.

shut down porn hub for traficcing

hold the largest porn website in the world accountable for enabling and profiting off of the mass sex trafficking, rape and exploitation of women and minors. The petition has been signed by people from 192 countries and the campaign is supported by over 300 child protection and anti-trafficking organizations as well as experts on, and survivors of sex trafficking.

FREE SAUDI WOMEN who fought for driving

Women who fought for the right to drive face 20 years in prison. Reports suggest they have been tortured and abused in detention.

After years of campaigning, the ban on driving for women in Saudi Arabia has been lifted. But the women who bravely fought for this right have been arrested and branded ‘traitors’.Email Saudi Arabia demanding that the rest are also returned home, and all charges are dropped.

father in re-education camp

Yiliyasijiang went missing in 2017 and is believed to have been taken to a Chinese ‘re-education camp’.

His wife and young children are devastated and miss him every day.
Please help get him back to his family by emailing the President of China demanding his release.

Replace statue of pedophile

Replace the statue of Indro Montanelli with that of the 12-year-old Eritrean girl he raped during the years of Italian colonialism in the Italy-Ethiopia war. This little girl whose name has been changed by her pedophile three times (Destà, Milena, Fatima) and whom in a television interview titled "L'ora della verità" the journalist describes as a docile animal who also brought him clean clothes

NHS Pay rise

Do not ban gender transition treatments for under 18s in the uk

The Government should not restrict trans health care treatments to under 18s in the UK. Treat these trans minors as human beings and do not use their age to justify restricting medical treatment.

The average nurse in the UK has lost 20% of their income in the last 10 years. It’s not surprising that there are 100,000 vacancies within our NHS. And that many of us NHS workers are using food banks to get by.

NHS workers have played a pivotal role in keeping this country going during the pandemic. It’s only fair that NHS staff are properly awarded for their hard work, and that’s why we’re calling for a 15% pay rise for all NHS staff.

Help people in palestine

pornhub trafficking and accountability

Muslim Hands has been working in Palestine since 2007, providing medical care, food, education and livelihoods support to families across Gaza and the West Bank. With the situation in Palestine deteriorating with each passing year, we need your continued support to provide urgent relief.
As well as providing emergency aid, we are committed to supporting Gazans over the long term by helping them to rebuild and regain a decent standard of life. Donate today and help us to ease their burden.

Pornhub, the world's largest and most popular porn site, has been repeatedly caught enabling, hosting, and profiting from videos of child rape, sex trafficking, and other forms of non-consensual content exploiting women and minors. We're calling for Pornhub to be shut down and its executives held accountable for these crimes.

The Traffickinghub campaign, founded by Laila Mickelwait and powered by the anti-trafficking organization Exodus Cry, is a non-religious, non-partisan effort supported by activists from 192 countries and a broad spectrum of over 300 organizations.

Women's human rights

Three women have been charged with 'inciting prostitution' for not wearing veils and sentenced to 42 years in prison between them.

Now, with COVID-19 cases confirmed in prisons across Iran, they're in more danger than ever.
Monireh, Yasaman and Mojgan have done nothing wrong. Join thousands calling on Iran’s Head of the Judiciary to release them immediately.

hungary trans rights

It is critical for Hungary’s Commissioner for Fundamental Rights to act urgently. If the Commissioner fails to act quickly, the ban could do immense damage to the lives of transgender and intersex people and lead to an increase of discrimination, attacks and hate crimes against them.

Take action now – Send an email and call on Hungary’s Commissioner for Fundamental Rights to urgently stop this appalling law by requesting a review by the Constitutional Court.


53 migrants and refugees dead in an airstrike.1

Africans being sold off for forced labor.2

Disappearances. Appalling disease.

Detainees being forced to take up arms in the Libyan civil war.3

And that starts with putting pressure on the EU. Telling the EU to put human lives before inhume immigration policies that are sending refugees and migrants back into danger in Libya.

Your signature tells the EU that it can no longer be complicit in allowing modern slavery to persist in Libya. Act now.

Tell Denmark's Lawmakers: Sex without consent is rape

Close China's ‘re-education camps

Over one million people have been placed into ‘re-education’ camps in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, China, targeted because of their ethnicity and religion (they’re predominantly Uyghur Muslims). Conditions inside the camps are dangerously unsanitary and overcrowded, and this human rights crisis could now turn into a deadly outbreak on a mass scale.

Add your details to email your MP, it only takes a minute.

The law in Denmark doesn’t define rape by the absence of consent but by other factors, such as whether physical violence or threats were used. In fact, only 8 out of 31 European countries have rape laws based on consent.

Sign the petition now and tell the Minister of Justice to change the legal definition of rape to one based on the absence of consent, in line with international human rights law.

Demand aid for North-West Syria

Today, millions of civilians in north-west Syria urgently need food, medicine, clean water and adequate shelter. Cornered in a crowded and ever-shrinking area that was already struggling to accommodate the needs of its population, the displaced continue to suffer intolerable living conditions. They need timely and sustained humanitarian aid.

Sign the petition and demand that the Russian government vote to renew the UN cross-border aid to north-west Syria.

allow at home abortions in n.i.

Women and girls* in Northern Ireland are being put at risk due to not not being able to self-manage abortions at home.Email the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland demanding women in Northern Ireland are given the same access to this basic healthcare during the coronavirus pandemic.

Saudi Arabia: Free jailed activists

Sign the petition and demand that the King of Saudi Arabia, King Salman immediately and unconditionally releases all those who have been imprisoned for peacefully protesting.

The past two years have seen an unprecedented crackdown on Saudi activists, and this court acts to legitimize this oppression. Now is our chance to put pressure on King Salman to end grave human rights violations. Take action now.

add quechua to duolingo

With so many beautiful languages in this world, we often neglect and ignore those of the native Americans. While Duolingo has Navajo on it’s the app, we should add more Native American languages to the popular learning app! 

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