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Lebanon needs our help

On August 4th there was a large explosion in Beirut, Lebanon with a current death toll of 175 and over 5000 injured, they are still searching for survivors. Not only is there a huge amount of people injured but it is estimated that over 300,000 people have been made homeless due to damage. This explosion comes at a time of an economic crisis and political unrest.

This page is here to give you access to ways you can help.

disaster relief

"From looking at the horrific videos of the blast, we knew that the destruction was massive and we needed to mobilise as many resources as possible to meet the growing needs on the ground as they became more evident.

We are working on crystallizing the best ways for selecting the right NGO’s to send our donations to"

children's cancer 

Support all children with cancer and their families through securing funds to:
- Have access to the latest treatment regardless of the parent’s ability to pay.
- Excellence in psychosocial services to help fight the disease.
- Education to create better understanding and awareness.


A mental health organisation donations go towards:

  • Sustaining the Embrace Lifeline

  • Funding scientific research

  • Promoting policies and legislation that impact suicide and prevention

  • Providing programs and resources for survivors of suicide loss and people at risk

  • Strengthening the Lebanese public’s knowledge about mental illness and suicide prevention

  • Offering educational programs for professionals

live love lebanon

Contribute monthly to Live Love's plan to provide food, medicine and winter clothing to people in need, support local businesses and agricultural producers. As well as build an online platform for NGO's and people to list their needs, and anyone to know where they can help.

lebanon red cross

The Lebanese Red Cross is the main provider of ambulance services in Lebanon; with 3000 emergency medical technicians and 300+ ambulances respond to more than 140,000 emergencies and patient transports per year. These services for free, they do have a cost! They do not have enough funds to respond to all calls at the moment.

sos children's village

Part of the world’s largest practitioner movement for supporting the right of the children who are deprived of parental care or at risk of losing it by providing them with family-based care and preventing child abandonment through our Family Strengthening Program (FSP). These 2 programs complement each other to take care of vulnerable less fortunate children.

teach a child

Teach A Child is a non-profit organization that provides access to education for underprivileged students across Lebanon, by covering all the expenses related to their education. Established in 2011, Teach a Child supports today 1333 students with 107 students in universities and 154 students in vocational institutions.

help the homeless

"Impact Lebanon, a non-profit organisation, is a social incubator for driven Lebanese around the world. We aim to enable the Lebanese community to mobilize more effectively; share knowledge, resources and expertise and make activism accessible, impactful and sustainable for the Lebanese diaspora."

lebanon needs

Mission currently consists of three main initiatives in coordination with existing public and private structures:
• Conducting health care needs assessments.
•   Developing digital databases for available lower-cost medications (matching brand names with generics) to subsidize patients' medicines through local pharmacies as well as databases for health care services and referral networks.
• Organizing medical missions to areas with problematic access or reach to existing health care services.

help kafala victims

"We need your donations to help us reach the domestic workers trapped in their homes without money for basics. The women have all fled violence, sexual abuse or enslavement. They are unable to work because of the lockdown and we are determined to ensure they are not forgotten."

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