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For two weeks Nigerians have been protesting against the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, aka SARS. Police have been responding with gunfire and excessive force, resulting in over 50 deaths so far.

This page is here to give you access to ways you can help.

Use the #EndsSARS on Twitter and other platforms to raise awareness of this issue.


Justice For Southern Kaduna,Nigeria

On behalf of the citizens of Southern Kaduna,the Federal Republic of Nigeria and every well-meaning citizen of the world; who stand for human rights and justice; We request that the people responsible stand trial in the International Criminal Court for their complicity in this daily massacre of residents of Southern Kaduna Communities. And if found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, they should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and made to pay reparations to citizens of the affected communities. 

Sign this petition to request justice from the government.

Stop Police Brutality and Reform The Nigerian Police Force

The lives of the youths, people that are considered the future, have been reduced to nothing. Policemen are free to stomp on a citizen who they think is guilty. They have become Judge and executioner, declaring you guilty on the spot. 

The government we voted for ignores our cries and pleas. I hope this petition gets to them somehow and shows them that we are not animals. 



SAFE HQUSE is providing 2 Days Temporary Safe House to Queer #EndSARS protesters in Nigeria. Est. 16th October 2020.

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